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Altos Realty Advisors

Welcome to Altos Realty Advisors, formerly Compass Realty & Property Management. At Altos Realty Advisors, we provide the comprehensive rental management services our clients need to protect and enhance their investments. It is our mission to develop the maximum value of every property we care for. By creating positive business relationships with those that we serve, we are able to help our clients realize the full potential of their valuable investments–both residential and commercial.

We have a firm grasp of the potential of your property, and we know how to achieve that potential. As owners and investors, we have experienced the many challenges that come with purchasing and maintaining rentals on a personal level. It is our experience with ownership that allows us to see things from the perspective of our clients.

Our experienced team offers you a way to get the most out of your property while avoiding all the common pitfalls that come with self-management. Serving clients since 1978, we provide the personalized service and effective management you need to accomplish your investment goals.

We offer our management services for everything from small condos to large apartment buildings and everything in between. We also manage small commercial buildings. Our goal is to create beneficial relationships between owners and tenants that will result in minimal vacancies, steady rental income and well-cared for properties. Balancing the needs of tenants and owners is not always easy, but it is critical to effectively manage investment real estate.

Please contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to helping you achieve the outcomes you are looking for from your investments!