“I want to let you know how much I value the tremendous peace of mind that Compass Property Management’s services have afforded me these past years. The full range of services included in your one low fee, the depth of your team’s knowledge of the rental market, combined with your great attention to detail have made it a pleasure to work with you. Thanks to Compass, maintaining my property, keeping it rented, collecting the rent, and keeping cash flow records is a breeze, and I would recommend your services wholeheartedly to anyone who is thinking of renting out their home in the Bay Area. If you ever need any references, please feel free to have interested parties contact me.”


“As a new landlord I had no idea what to expect when I decided to rent my condo several years ago, I just knew that I didn’t want to handle the day-to-day tasks. I had difficulty finding a management company that would handle a single unit like mine, but when I finally found Compass, I felt confident from the start that they would
provide the services and support I wanted.

In fact, for the last several years, I’ve felt more like the people at Compass are my partners. They know who I am and what matters to me. Dave Shanks, especially has taken considerable time to educate me on practical and legal matters and help me make good decisions about tenants and maintenance. And from all reports they provide great service to my tenant, as well. I would recommend Compass Realty to anyone who seeks a rental management company with integrity, honesty, and personalized service.”

Ellyn Schumacher

“Compass Realty has been providing excellent property management services to me for the last 20 years. My property is a condominium in Sunnyvale. Starting out, I was a novice since this was the first time that I had rented a property. The folks at Compass led me by the hand and gave me confidence that everything would go smoothly, even though I was living out of town. Even my renters must have been comfortable with Compass and their ability to get things done. My renters have typically stayed in the property well beyond the initial lease period. Vacancy periods are short.

Most recently, in June 2006, I needed to make some flooring and painting renovations. I flew into the Bay Area. Compass was easily accessible by telephone and arranged their schedules to meet my needs. The renovations were performed in a snap because of their extensive list of possible sources for getting any renovation or repair job done. I was actually able to have some fun while I was there because Compass took the load off of me. Their rates are fair and reasonable and the folks there are genuinely great people. I give them my highest recommendation.”

Bernard Cockerham

“Our family has been with Compass Property Management for over 1 year. They came to us as being highly recommended by my sister’s in-laws. They have used Compass for many years. We needed a management company to take care of our parent’s home, as they are ill, and we had to move them closer to family so they could be properly cared for. Our representative, and contact, has been very cooperative, and communicates to us all needs of the property. They have successfully and quickly rented out the home for a very fair rental price. They maintain the home in excellent condition, and treat the property as if it was their own. The rental agreement they use was reviewed by my brother who is a financial planner, and he said it was the best he had ever seen. The records they provide monthly are extensive, and provide full back up for tax purposes.

I would highly recommend Compass Property Management with confidence, as they have served my family with care and concern for all aspects of property management.”

Susan Tomkovicz

“We have a house located in Los Altos. Due to our job assignment, we moved overseas in 2003. Since then Compass Realty & Property management has helped us rent out our house to high profiled tenants. Compass also helps us maintain the house and makes sure it is in good shape. They respond to the tenants’ requests in time and always deposit the rent into our account on time. They are very nice people to talk to and they make the communication easier for us with our tenants. We feel comfortable when our house has been managed by such a good management team that we can trust.”

Laura Wu

“I have been a business tenant in property managed by Compass Realty for over ten years. Throughout my association they have consistently shown the utmost professionalism. Any property problems that arose over the years were promptly and fairly handled. I wish them continued success in their business.”

Curtis E. Jansen, DDS

“I have been renting from Compass since March of 2000. Over the past 6 years, Compass has helped me relocate three different times. I have chosen to stick with Compass because they are always fair and reasonable. They respond very promptly to any concerns I have regarding the property and they resolve those issues in a professional and timely manner. I imagine I will be renting from Compass until it is time to buy my own home. I couldn’t be happier as a tenant.”

Kevin Searles

“I have resided at one of Compass’s properties for approximately 12 years. What I like about compass the most…is that they take care of their properties. The upgrades are nice, and done in a timely fashion.”

Shaun Lee

“I am resident of an apartment that is being managed by Compass Property Management. I have lived here with my family for the past 8 months, and this is the best place I have ever lived. Compass property management is simply great. They respond quickly to requests, the facilities are kept in fantastic shape, and the place is convenient, serene, and friendly. In the pricey Bay Area, Compass Realty provides nice apartment/houses to live in. I would highly recommend Compass Property Management to anyone who is looking for great place to live with the best price.”